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Thai massageThai massage

Thai massage relieves blockages in the blood and lymphatic system and relieves mental stress, back pain, headaches, muscle aches and insomnia.
The Thai massage is performed on a soft mattress attached to the floor, because of the convenience of carrying out flexibility and stretching exercises and the ability of the masseuse to utilize its own weight for performing the various exercises.
The patient does not have to be flexible in order to experience Thai massage. There is a great variety of exercises and poses that can be performed.
These exercises can be described as “passive yoga” performed by the masseur.

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The uniqueness of Thai massage

Is a passive yoga practice
Provides mental peace
Recommended for those with back, shoulder, neck and knee problems
Performed in full clothing and without oil
Elasticizes and lengthens muscles, stimulates and balances blood circulation
Balance the nervous system

About traditional Thai massage

Thai massage is performed when the patient is lying on his stomach and the masseuse works with the joints to put pressure on different parts of the body along with various stretches and positions to which he inserts the patient.

Thai massage is a treatment that not only is responsible for pressure on various parts of the body but also becomes a process for fulfilling and prolonging the muscles, it stimulates and balances the blood circulation.

For those with back, shoulder, neck, and knee problems, Thai massage is the most recommended because it reaches the deep muscle layers to which other massages do not always come.

The treatment is also suitable for all who enjoy yoga but want to do it without effort and sweat and in a process that does not burden the body and mind but liberates and calms.

The treatment is performed on a mattress when the patient is fully dressed, especially suitable for those who are sensitive to different massage oils or simply do not like the feeling.

Thai massage is a great treatment that can be combined even on a day’s work, it takes between 75 and 90 minutes, you can get straight from the office and return immediately after lunch break.

Thai massage techniques

Thai massage includes a wide selection of therapeutic techniques:

  • Clicks: These are both static and movement motions, combined with stretching, heating and releasing muscles, blood flow and lymph, relaxation of the nervous system and the regulation of digestion.
  • Stretching: Thai massage stretches as varied as yoga poses, which relaxes, strengthens and balances the entire body.
  • Pressure on the primary blood vessels: leads to a local and temporary increase in blood pressure, following which the heart rate is slowed down and complete relaxation is achieved. After the pressure is released, fresh, rich blood flows in a single breath, nourishing and cleansing the area.
  • Manipulations: Short, fast movements that are performed on the joints and maintain their full range of motion.
  • Opening energy channels: Pressing along energy channels throughout the body gives treatment an important dimension of general energy balance.


Do I have to be flexible for a Thai massage? show hide answer

Thai massage is personalized for every patient and therefore has no condition, each one can undergo a great Thai massage.

The various traction positions are adjusted according to character, ability and condition, there is no concern for those who do not feel flexible in their bodies.

Should I Know Yoga For A Thai Massage? show hide answer

No, although the treatment is also known as passive yoga it is not to say that patients need to know yoga.
The massage gets open to everyone, whether you practice yoga regularly, occasionally or not at all.

Is it normal for me to feel pain and discomfort during treatment? show hide answer

The massage consists of a series of different stretches and pressures that are applied to different parts of the body and therefore there may be a sense of momentary discomfort and even slight pain.

Almost always the sense of momentary pain is replaced by a great release from a renewed flow of blood to the area and with it a sense of freshness and freshness.

If you experience ongoing discomfort or sharp pain, point to your massage and they will be happy to correct any problem.

I suffer from chronic back problems. Is it necessary to inform the masseuse? show hide answer

For all chronic back problems as well as neck pain, knee problems, previous injuries etc. It is important to inform the masseuse and contributed to the beginning of treatment.

It is important to know all the limitations that a patient can have and know how to treat accordingly, let the therapist know about any pain or problem and enjoy a perfect massage.

What am I expected to feel after a Thai massage? show hide answer

Unlike different types of massages, after which the massage feels drowsy, after a Thai massage, you will feel a sense of freshness and renewal.

Who is eligible for treatment? show hide answer

Thai massage is suitable for almost all the population, for those who want to feel better blood flow, to feel calm in the body, release tension and flexibility throughout the body.

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