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Hot stones massageHot stones massage

An ancient method that combines massage contact with the patient along with hot stones creates a great sensation in the body that yields significant results that are proven in many patients.
Warmed basalt stones release positive energy that helps balance the energy in the body and with it come peace and relaxation.
For those looking for stress relief, relieving pain, treating specific problems and of course just a little pampering and self-love this is a highly recommended treatment.

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The virtues of hot stones massage

Heat therapy is a very effective way to treat the muscles in deep tissues and creates a very deep sense of calm
Hot stone massage helps to relieve mental stress, balance sleep problems, concentration and digestion, replenish energy in the body and bring relaxation and enjoyment
The treatment is suitable for everyone - whether you suffer from constant pain, sports, office workers, under pressure or very simple anyone who wants to be pampered and relax

About Hot Stones Massage

The ancient method was developed by indigenous tribes in America, they discovered that black basalt stones heated by sunlight or bonfire release positive energy and have essential properties in the medicine.

Today it is one of the most popular and popular massage methods around the world, many enjoy hot stone massages which help relieve mental tensions, balance sleeping problems, concentration and digestion, replenish the body’s energy and bring relaxation and pleasure.

Treatment is done when the patient lies on his back on a massage bed without clothes so that the stones can come into direct contact with the skin.

The therapist makes sure that the temperature of the stones is perfect and then places them on the patient at key points on the back, shoulders, hands, and toes.

During massage the therapist creates a peaceful atmosphere with incense, oils, pleasant lighting, quiet and relaxing music as well as massage and heating of various points in the body.


How should I arrive to the massage? show hide answer

Since you will remove the clothes for treatment, it is recommended to arrive in comfortable and light clothes.
Before treatment, avoid eating a large meal and therefore drink plenty of water, stimulating blood in a dried body can cause dizziness and unpleasant sensation.
It is recommended that you do not come after exercise, this is a treatment you should do on a day of rest where the tension and pressure on the body are less.

For whom is not recommended massage with hot stones? show hide answer

Who has undergone surgery for the past six months, who have a history of blood clotting or blood flow disorders, who suffer from blood pressure problems and problems or heart disease.
For pregnant women, it is recommended to consult with a doctor and with the Neve Tzedek spa team according to their health condition during pregnancy.
In general, if you have any concerns about the treatment, please consult your doctor or spa staff.

What is the technique used for massage? show hide answer

Massage uses brown basalt stones and oils, placing the stones along the spine and between the ribs.
The technique combines rubbing and gentle massage of the stone into the muscle and tissues so that the stone serves as an extension of the massaging hand.
During massage, different pressure is exerted on stones of different weight. Hot and cold stones were used.

What are the benefits of massage with hot stones? show hide answer

In addition to health benefits and relief from various symptoms, it is claimed that this type of massage leads to deep inner relaxation.
In addition, the type of massage accelerates the recovery time of the body from injuries, and some studies have found a positive correlation between this type of massage and the activity of the heart and facial organs.

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