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Deep tissue massageDeep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage focuses, penetrates, and touches precisely the sensitive points that require attention and attention.
Some places in the body are exposed to infections and injuries more than others, especially the joints, large muscle groups, and sensitive bones.
The same points, if damaged, do not receive proper blood flow and therefore inflammation and pain arise.
In order to get rid of the pain, prevent injuries and feel much lighter, relaxed and strong in your body you should enjoy a deep tissue massage that balances the blood flow, releases energy in the body and helps relieve unnecessary pressure and stress from the system.

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The uniqueness of the Deep tissue massage

Pain relieving therapy, solves muscle, skeletal and skeletal problems, helps alleviate shoulder, neck, back and spine problems and orthopedic problems
Treatment that addresses the problem and pain and is not meant for indulgence only
Treatment is done without oils sites, only underwear

About Massage

Deep tissue massage is a medical massage. It is based on pressure point theory. It is a therapeutic process that is not intended for relaxation and enjoyment, but rather for treating significant problems in the body.

The treatment is suitable for athletes, dancers and anyone who works in hard physical work.

It usually takes more than one treatment to truly address the problem, so most patients return at least for another treatment if not for a series of treatments – that’s how problems are solved.


Is massage effective only after exercise? show hide answer

Deep tissue massage is designed to help treat inflammation and muscle problems, so after exercise is effective and helps to purify the body of toxins.
This massage is recommended before sports activity, but in a reasonable time, in order to prepare the body for activity and replenish it with energies.

Is one massage sufficient to improve pain and a sense of stress? show hide answer

In a random case of a stiff and painful back, a single massage can create a change and solve the problem.
But for those suffering from chronic infections, or in more severe cases of muscular and tendon pain, a series of massages will usually be recommended.

Are there side effects to deep tissue massage? show hide answer

Since this is a more therapeutic and therapeutic type of massage, the work focuses on the depth of the muscle in painful areas leading to a greater blood circulation.
As a result, the patient may feel dizzy or headache that will easily pass through drinking water or tea and rest in the spa facilities.

Should Deep Tissue Massage Cause Pain? show hide answer

Deep tissue massage puts pressure on problematic spots and sometimes you will feel a momentary pain. But after treatment you need to feel relaxed, full of energy and less painful.

The massage is not meant to hurt but exert pressure on the points may be unpleasant, the results are worth the effort.

Does deep tissue massage require oils? show hide answer

Deep tissue massage does not require oils. The patient will usually remove most of his clothes, except for underwear, because the therapist must come into contact with the skin to reach the deep tissue layers.

What other situations can help deep tissue massage? show hide answer

Studies have shown that deep tissue massage also helps those who have suffered burns, muscle cramps, and anxiety and sleep disorders.

The penetration into the deep tissue layers helps balance blood circulation, stimulates the metabolic system, stimulates and releases hormones in the body.

Anyone suffering from severe chronic pain and lack of energy and not afraid of a few clicks will be able to enjoy this massage very much.

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