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We work hard, no matter what we do at work, at home, with our family or friends, our bodies are under stress and stress, and the stress is felt in muscles and skin – so it’s time to indulge!
Whether you come alone or with your spouse or with a friend, there is always something to pamper yourself and give your body and soul what they deserve – pampering, peace and relaxation.
Come and renew at the Spa Neve Tzedek with a pampering treatment package to mark a joyous occasion or just because you deserve to show yourself some love.
With a full pampering that includes cosmetic treatment, massage and pampering to the stomach you will get a complete and perfect experience at Spa Neve Tzedek.

Couple + Breakfast1,130
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The luxuries you will enjoy ordering a pampering package

A pampering package is the perfect combination of renewing facial skin, relaxing muscles, restoring healthy blood flow to various parts of the body such as bones, tendons and deep tissues, and ending with a sense of calm and lucidity.

1. Welcome

A pampering package begins with a reception where you will get all the information needed for the treatments and the necessary equipment – towels, bathrobes, soft slippers, shampoo and body soap.

2. Classic massage of your choice

The first step in the pampering package is a classic massage for 50 minutes, which revitalizes the muscles and pumps blood to the deep tissues of the body, a process that brings a feeling of freshness to the whole body and puts you in a relaxed state for the cosmetic treatments.

The massages will be chosen from the variety of wonderful treatments of Neve Tzedek Spa (the length of the massages is 50 minutes):

The massage can be upgraded to one of the following types at a cost of 50 NIS:

3. Facial treatment including exfoliation and mask

The treatment, which lasts about 30 minutes, brings back the freshness, flexibility and natural shine of your facial skin with natural materials and advanced techniques. The treatment brings your skin back to life and gives you not only a stunning look but also a wonderful and healthy feeling.
The treatment includes a face mask and natural peeling with salts, a process that cleanses the dead skin layer, inserts vitamins and minerals essential for the skin and provides moisture, shine and softness.

4. Bathrooms and a guest floor

After you have finished the treatments you can enjoy a wonderful and well-equipped shower that brings back the cleanliness and the sense of tranquility and freshness to the body.
In order to finish the event happily, it is time to indulge in light refreshments, a refreshing drink and a relaxed atmosphere to end the experience on the guest room floor. On the floor you can enjoy champagne, natural herbal teas, chocolates, cookies and tasty snacks.

5. Breakfast for couples

Those of you who indulge in a double spa treatment can continue to a rich breakfast at the Barzilai Market, where you can choose natural, organic and healthy dishes that nourish your body and mind.

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