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Spa treatments and massages

Spa Neve Tzedek is the perfect place to get a massage in Tel Aviv, not only because of the rich variety of pampering massages and expert masseur but also because of the various facilities that distinguish the spa center and the magical atmosphere that fills the place. After the massage, you will be filled with energy that intensifies the experience, enriches the body and mind and gives many days of liberation and tranquility.

Spa Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv offers a variety of massages for couples and individuals.

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Professional massage and body treatments – for the release of body and mind

In today’s stressful life, few things can provide complete relaxation and recharge us with fresh energies in a short time.
Spa treatments and massages have healing powers and can recharge us with the perfect pampering of a double massage in Tel Aviv to relieve the pressures of the routine or pampering massages that belong to the narrow niches of simple pleasures that are just worth waiting for.

As part of providing consistent body and soul support, massages and body treatments are an inseparable part of one’s life from the dawn of humanity to the present.
Evidence for this can be found not only in massage and body care activities for health and relaxation purposes, but also in the existence of spas used by people hundreds of thousands of years ago for pleasure and relaxation.

The development of massages and its common methods

Massage is a method developed in China and India and reached the West over the years, where the method was developed for a variety of sub-methods both in the field of pleasure and in the medical field, making the treatment a status symbol for the relaxation and enjoyment of body and soul.
Today there are many popular massage methods and among the various treatments we can find:
Tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, tissue massage, aromatherapy massage.
And massages that work on a variety of places in the body such as Chinese massage, Tuina, and a variety of different massages.

What are medical massages and what are homeopathic massages?

  • Homeopathic massages – Massages with an emphasis on sedation. They focus on sensations, on the body’s organs, on the psychological side, and on the emotional aspect of the patient.
    Sometimes massages can help cure various ailments and help rejuvenate tissues.
  • Medical massages – Massages that focus on reflexology or physiotherapy and they work on the skeleton in combination with medical massage with the joints. They aim to help with our flexibility, good functioning and there are massages that help relieve pain and damaged tissues.
    ** Both types of massages also help the psychological aspect and they help to calm the mind and temporarily escape from the accumulated tension in daily life.

Massages and body treatments at the Neve Tzedek Spa in Tel Aviv combine a variety of medical and homeopathic treatments provided by skilled and experienced professionals, who provide a range of massages of all kinds to relieve muscle aches and assist in various diseases.

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