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Pre-natal massagePre-natal massage

Women who are in the fourth to ninth month of pregnancy can enjoy this special massage method designed to help both the pregnant and the pregnant body.
Even if you are pregnant there is no reason not to pamper yourself, all the more so in such a difficult and demanding period on the body where you do everything for two.
Whether you come to show yourself love or a gift for a pregnant girlfriend or family, pre-natal massage
is a great way to give peace, release energies and balance in the life of someone who does such a great and important thing.

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Benefits of pre-natal massage

During the treatment, the therapist focuses on the most stressed points, such as joints, back, neck, feet, and more
The role of massage to balance the flow of energy in the body and release pain joints, back, neck, feet, and more
By squeezing, stroking, vibrating, relaxing and releasing the therapist, the patient is given a sense of peace and energetic balance for the continuation of the pregnancy

About Pre-natal massage

Pre-natal massage is mainly intended to relieve stress on the pregnant woman’s body, a period when the body is under a very large load.

During pregnancy, many suffer from mental and spiritual problems – sleeping problems, digestion or concentration, abnormal hormonal changes, etc. – the role of massage is to balance the flow of energy in the body to solve these problems and release a sense of calm and tranquility among the patient.


How long does a pre-natal massage? show hide answer

We offer treatments of 50 and 60 minutes.
Although seductive, it is recommended do not spend more than an hour because women’s pregnant bodies are in a delicate and sensitive condition, an hour is a great time to relax, to be pampered and regenerate with good allergies.

Should you consult a doctor before the massage? show hide answer

If your health is not unusual, you have no history of blood clots in your legs, or you experience any complications of pregnancy.
Of course, if you feel any discomfort, it is recommended to consult a doctor before the massage to make sure there is no problem that can arise during treatment.

Should I lie on my stomach during the massage? show hide answer

As there is no obligation lying on the stomach during the massage, many operations can be performed lying on the side or on the back.
The massage is especially suited to pregnant women and therefore takes into account their delicate condition. The health of the fetus is more important than anything and therefore nothing is done that can endanger it or you.

What is the difference between pre-natal massage and regular massage? show hide answer

First, the massage avoids treating the abdominal area so as not to cause problems in the fetus.
The massage also focuses on the areas of the legs, feet, back and joints, where most of the load on the pregnant woman’s body accumulates.
Massage is used in a slightly heated but low-temperature oil, with normal ambiguity, in order not to stimulate the hormonal system to the extreme.

Is it permitted to massage at the beginning of pregnancy? show hide answer

There is no prohibition by Western medicine to pre-natal massage, but western medicine is famous for conservative in it views on the subject.
Massage that does not focus on the abdominal area is harmless and no evidence of injury to the fetus is found.

Is there an indication in studies of the benefit of pre-natal massage? show hide answer

Various studies have shown that pre-natal massage is effective in releasing serotonin and dopamine hormones, the same hormones that contribute to a sense of relaxation.
By doing so, the massage inhibits and releases the hormones that lead to stress and tension such as ketosol and norepinephrine.

On these pregnancy effects can massage relieve? show hide answer

Massage can relieve stress and stress, can improve posture, relieve joint pain, improve sleep quality and relieve swelling. The massage relaxes the muscles and improves the circulation of the blood so that the energy in the body is renewed.

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