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Combination massageCombination massage

A combination massage with its name is a massage combining different treatment techniques to achieve maximum results.
The combination massage harmony between new and old, western and eastern methods, conventional and alternative, such as Swedish massage, shiatsu, deep tissue massage and more.
If you are looking for a place and time to relax, free yourself from daily pressures and find a solution to the problems that accompany you, a combination massage is just the thing for you.

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Benefits of combination massage

Helps to solve sleep problems, migraines, back and neck pain, joint pain, indigestion or difficulty concentrating
With friction, rubbing and pressing on various points in the back of the patient, the therapist can not only diagnose but also identify and handle points of energy block
The massage is carried out without clothes and is used in fragrant fragrant oils derived from flower essences

About the combination massage

The Western scientific concept when it meets the Eastern perception of energy flow in the body finds a perfect balance between new and old, conventional and alternative.

In the modern world it is important to recognize technological innovations as well as ancient history and science. When the balance is found, the two get amazing results that help solve many of the problems of the 21st century, such as migraines, sleep problems, back and neck pain, joint pain, Difficulty concentrating.

A skilled therapist who has acquired experience and knowledge in various methods – such as shiatsu, Swedish massage, Thai massage etc. – possesses a large database and skill in various treatment methods, he can try one way and if he does not work he moves on to another.

The combination massage is suitable for athletes, people suffering from chronic pain, those suffering from mental problems or problems with sleep, digestion and concentration.


How should I get a massage? show hide answer

Before massaging it is recommended to avoid a large meal so as not to increase digestion during treatment.
In addition, it is advisable to arrive after proper rest and water retention. The treatment stimulates blood circulation and can cause dizziness or nausea if your body is weak, dehydrated or tired.

What is the length of an combination massage? show hide answer

We offer lengths of treatment ranging from 50 to 90 minutes.
In order to know the optimal length for you, you can consult with the Spa Neve Tzedek staff when contacting us.

Need to come with previous problems to enjoy an combination massage? show hide answer

No, everyone can get an combination massage and enjoy a relaxing and relaxing effect. The treatment helps relieve various pain in the body and gives you a sense of peace and clarity of mind.

Who should go for an combination massage? show hide answer

A combination massage is recommended for those looking to relax and relieve tension and pressure and those who suffer from muscle pain and joint joints.
The massage also helps in stimulating blood circulation, relieving headaches and detoxifying the body.

Why is massage called "combination massage"? show hide answer

A combination massage actually combines the West and the East.
The combination is a combination of contact and massage techniques developed by different cultures using oils and creating a relaxing atmosphere that activates the sense of smell and hearing by incense and relaxing music inspired by feng shui. In addition, this massage combines the treatment of small and large muscle groups.

What touch techniques do you use in combination massage? show hide answer

A combination of different techniques of friction, rubbing and pressing are used at various points.

Who is eligible for an combination massage? show hide answer

A combination massage suitable for ages 20 to 60 is recommended for those suffering from stress and stress.

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