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The classic package

The classic package is built for a couple who come to show themselves love and indulge in one of the most wonderful and peaceful places in Tel Aviv.
The classic package is suitable for all those who like a good massage, a pampering breakfast and a little quiet time where you can relax from the pressures of the day.
Whether you are celebrating a special event as a couple or giving a birthday gift to someone special, Spa Neve Tzedek offers a perfect classical indulgence experience.

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What includes the Classic package

The classic package includes a full pampering for body and soul – from the excellent level of service to the delicacies that make your stomach happy – and restore the peace and health you need.

1. Welcome

Every classic experience begins with a reception on the guest floor where you will enjoy light refreshments of cookies and chocolates, tea and champagne.
You will be given bathrobes, towels, slippers, soap and a bath towel for use at the end of the treatment.

2. Classic massage

After the reception and the initial pampering we invite you to enjoy a pampering massage especially, individuals will enjoy personal treatment and couples can choose between a shared room or a separate room.
You will receive the massage from the hands of an expert massage therapist who is gifted with a variety of massages and gives you a unique experience of relaxation and relaxation.

The massages will be chosen from the variety of wonderful treatments of Neve Tzedek Spa (the length of the massages is 50 minutes):

The massage can be upgraded to one of the following types at a cost of 50 NIS:

3. Hosting floor

The massage can be cleaned in a well-equipped shower. Cleanse the body and restore the mind to your mind before moving to the last stage of your treat.
At the end of the sessions, individuals will be able to return to the guest room and enjoy refreshments, drinking and a peaceful atmosphere.

4. Breakfast for couples

Couples will continue to a fresh and healthy breakfast at the Barzilai Farm Cafe offering natural and organic health food.

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