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Ayurveda massageAyurveda massage

This special method of treatment comes from ancient Indian holistic medicine, from which the Indian culture dealt with an in-depth study of human history, the confusion of the body and the meaning of life.
Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit – an ancient Indian language and a holiness that has been extinct – meaning long life knowledge.
The massage combines knowledge that comes from ancient Torah, at the time it was considered a way to extend life.
Although long life is not guaranteed, a better life is a clear result of massage because it helps to balance energy flow in the body, relieve various pains, solve problems and create a deep sense of relaxation.

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The virtues of Ayurveda treatment

Massage is especially suitable for those who feel unpleasant in their lives, energetic imbalance, suffer from chronic pain and pain or simply anyone who seeks peace in his life
The massage helps to solve chronic pain problems in the legs, back, shoulders and neck, improves and stimulates blood flow, touches deep tissue, detoxifies and gives relief, release and joy.
Helps replenish skin and deeper body layers like fat, muscle, bone and tendons

About Ayurveda

In ancient times, massage was regarded as one of the ancient methods that bring man to the state of Nirvana – a complete harmony of mind and body – along with yoga and meditation.

Treatment is carried out without any clothing when the patient lies on his or her stomach or back.

The massage is conducted with a considerable amount of heated sesame oils that create not only a wonderful fragrance but also a sense of relaxation and harmony.

The treatment begins with the massage of the forehead and gently moves to the rest of the body that requires treatment. As a general rule, the massage is gentle and soothing, non-invasive and does not cause pain or discomfort.

Treatment can be done at all hours of the day and for each one, there is no restriction on age, weight or health condition.

Many customers come to Ayurveda massage many times because of the deep relaxation it provides and help in balancing the various problems in the body.

שאלות ותשובות

Is it possible to get the massage without oils? show hide answer

The use of oils is an integral part of massage because it helps to soften the skin, soothe the muscles and the whole body.
If you are sensitive to sesame, oils or strong odors, avoid Ayurveda massage.

Is ayurveda effective in relieving stress? show hide answer

Ayurveda massage is very effective in relieving stress, such as the jaw, head, shoulders, neck and buttocks, which are under great strain in our modern lives, as well as reducing the daily pressures that accompany us.
If you are looking for relaxation, balance, peace and harmony in your life and want to indulge and show yourself love Ayurveda massage is just the thing for you.

Is ayurveda effective in improving sleep quality? show hide answer

One of the most significant effects of ayurveda massage is a significant improvement in the quality of sleep.
Sleep problems are often caused by systemic imbalance in the body, high stress levels, work overload and family life. Massage helps to remove tension from these sources and to bring the patient to a state of peace.
Sleep comes more easily to those who are in a calm body and mind.

Should I combine ayurveda massage with other actions? show hide answer

In order to continue the philosophy of India, it is recommended to accompany the treatment of yoga or a variety of physical activities, a healthy diet that contains a balanced amount of fats, vegetables and fruits, cereals, quality meat, etc.
Many patients take the method of treatment as a way of life and integrate Indian Torah in every aspect of their lives.

What is ayurveda massage based on? show hide answer

In ancient times, massage was regarded as one of the ancient methods that bring man to the state of Nirvana – a complete harmony of mind and body – along with yoga and meditation.
Besides bringing body and mind and a state of balance and harmony it helps to replenish the skin and deeper layers of the body such as fat, muscle, bone and tendons.

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