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Aromatherapy massageAromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage at Spa Neve Tzedek combines touch and the sense of smell. This is a great way to help instill peace among the patient through penetration through the nose.
The use of latch as a means of relaxation and release began in ancient times in different cultures, starting with incense and natural oils combined with a massage on various points in the body.
Aromatherapy therapy is a holistic treatment method that provides a solution to many problems and helps to gain more peace and tranquility in everyday life.

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The virtues of aromatherapy massage

The treatment is done with oils that help to calm down and provide a sense of stimulation and alertness
Great for those suffering from sleep problems, indigestion, concentration and anxiety caused by daily stresses stored in the body
Great for those with back pain and repeated muscle problems

The advantages of the etheric oils

The plant extract contains a high concentration of the active ingredients in it and therefore the benefit derived from them is very high.
When the oil is sprayed on the skin, the essential substances are absorbed in the skin while the rest of the oil evaporates leaving a wonderful fragrance that helps calm and gives a sense of stimulation and alertness.
When the active substances in the oil are absorbed in the health and the skin they reach the bloodstream, through massage the body that stimulates the blood circulation and thus the many benefits of the oils reach all points in the body.


What oils are used in aromatherapy massage? show hide answer

The essential oils are extracted from roots, roots, peels, and seeds of various plants in the process of pressing and evaporation.

Common plants used are lavender, mint, bergamot, chamomile, citrus, melissa, sage, fennel, rosemary, jasmine, tea tree, and many others.

Each plant has its own purpose and benefits, some help with digestion problems, some with relaxation and stress release, some by stimulating blood circulation and a sense of freshness.

Should I inform the therapist about sensitivities and problems before treatment? show hide answer

It is important to let your therapist know about any chronic problems, illnesses, allergies, and allergies you have.

Some oils may be ineffective and even cause discomfort in those who have some sensitivity, as well as massage at sensitive points or injured.

Your therapist will be happy to hear in advance about any problems that may arise during the course of the treatment, and especially to suit you personally.

Can aromatherapy help respiratory problems? show hide answer

Oils such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and others have been tested and seen to be effective in treating people suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma,

If you have a severe respiratory problem, it is important to consult with a qualified physician prior to treatment to make sure that you are qualified to undergo treatment with site oils.

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