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Moroccan detox

Detoxification – Detox – is a treatment that has been published in ancient times in various oriental cultures, a process in which the body is purified of substances that weigh on it.
In our modern environment, there are a lot of toxins in almost everything – air pollution, chemicals in cosmetics and food, even in water, and it is very difficult to avoid them, so every once in a while, everyone needs a few minutes to remove the toxins and restore freshness, lightness and life to body and soul.
Detox draining treatment leaves not only the body clean but also the head clear and purified, relaxed and ready to continue the daily activities more easily and clearly.
At Spa Neve Tzedek you can receive a complete cleaning treatment from professional experts in the field, who use only natural substances that are free from toxins.

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What treats will you get in a Detox dump?

The cleaning experience will not be perfect without a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere and small pampering along with cosmetic treatments and massage, so from the first stage we will bring you into a place of calm and quiet:

1. Welcome

You will receive towels, bathrobes, slippers, shampoo and a bath soap that you can use during your stay.
After the first arrangements, we will invite you to enjoy the wonderful treatments that will begin cleaning and calming.

2. Pilling salts and hot oil

The first step we take together is to remove the dead skin layer from the body with natural salts and prepare it for the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins with hot oil – The combination of the two helps restore the natural elasticity, softness and shine of the skin.
The length of the treatment is 25 minutes and many surprised how pleasant the skin after peeling treatment and simple hot oil.

3. Classic massage to choose from

After cleansing the skin we will move to the massage stage, which releases the tension from the muscles and helps to pump blood into the deep tissue in the body. A pleasant 50-minute massage helps calm the body as well as the mind and mind. This is a great time to sink deeply into relaxation and let your thoughts slow down. This is your time to enjoy peace and quiet.

The massages will be chosen from the variety of wonderful treatments of Neve Tzedek Spa (the length of the massages is 50 minutes):

The massage can be upgraded to one of the following types at a cost of 50 NIS:

4. Facial treatment including exfoliation and mask

When the body is loose and relaxed, it is time to move forward – the gate to the soul – to which we will take careful care and with utmost gentleness.
The facial treatment lasts 25 minutes and includes natural salts exfoliation, followed by a refreshing and refreshing face mask that contains essential vitamins and provides a healthy moisturizing effect for the face.
About 15% of the stress we accumulate during the day is stored in the facial muscles. The facial treatment and mask help release the remaining tension in the body and soothe all the systems, a vital stage in the process that helps you get out of the spa again.

5. Bathrooms and a guest floor

At the end of the treatments we invite you to enjoy a well-equipped and pampering shower so that you can leave with a fresh and wonderful feeling.

Those who have come for a single treatment can continue to enjoy our various hospitality facilities on the guest floor, which include champagne, herbal tea infusions, chocolates and other treats.

6. Breakfast for couples

Those who arrived as part of a couple package will continue to have a healthy and rich breakfast at the Barzilai Farm Cafe, which offers natural, organic and fresh dishes.

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