Classic Swedish massageClassic Swedish massage

Swedish massage is also called classical massage for a very good reason, it is the most popular and beloved massage field.
The massage is based on six guiding principles that determine the course of the massage, while the patient enjoys a variable series of actions that are known in the body’s deep and soft tissues.
The combination of pressure and release, stroking and friction, vibration and tapping create not only a liberating and dreamy feeling but also help to solve problems of chronic pain, mental problems and spiritual relief among the patient.
If you like to be pampered, need a release from daily stress or suffer from recurring pain, Swedish massage is just for you.

Duration Price
50minutes 380
60minutes 420
75minutes 480
90minutes 540
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    The virtues of Swedish massage

    Massage begins in the feet and when the therapist performs a series of different actions on the various muscle groups and the spine as it moves towards the center of the body
    The massage is performed by the patient lying on his stomach. As part of the massage, the oils are used to contribute to the patient's feeling, but they are not mandatory
    The massage helps to solve chronic pain problems in the legs, back, shoulders and neck, improves and stimulates blood flow, touches deep tissue, detoxifies and gives relief, release and joy.

    Swedish massage process

    During the massage, work is done on the center of the body and the feet in the areas designated for massage. The masseur pushes and rolls his hands in the muscles, rubs his hands and warms the tissues, presses the spine and finally vibrates his hands to release and warm the patient’s muscles.

    Treatment has psychological and spiritual aspects. In addition to the psychological advantages, massage also has positive effects on all body systems:
    Laxity and muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, release of headaches, acceleration of metabolism and more.

    Swedish massage focuses on improving blood flow and helps to work the heart. It also helps to supply good blood to the muscles and nourishes them and drains them of toxins.

    Massage is a technique in contact with the soft tissue layer, combined with mobility and joint tolerability.


    What is the Swedish massage method and what is the source of the massage? show hide answer

    Swedish massage is a massage that originated in the 19th century and came from the field of sports medicine.
    The massage was developed by a Swedish professor named Ling who developed the technique after suffering from rheumatism and joint pain.
    Ling developed six essential elements with which to treat the treatment method:
    Stroking, deep massage, friction, keystrokes, pressure on the spine and vibration.
    Following the Ling method, a massage school based on Swedish massage and the principles of the method was opened in Sweden.

    Does massage also help with mental aspects? show hide answer

    Yes, improving blood flow helps in relieving pain and releasing positive hormones in the body, both of which are proven to be meaningful in improving mood and solving mental problems.
    Or suffering from sleep problems, indigestion, anxiety and mental stress will be very happy to get Swedish massage which helps to balance the body and instill a sense of peace.
    In general, there is no reason not to indulge in one-time massage.

    What are the restrictions before and after treatment? show hide answer

    In general, it is recommended not to eat before treatment because lying on the stomach and applying pressure on the body.
    After the treatment, it is recommended to spend the rest of the day in a calm or minimal physical activity so that they do not regain muscle or cause pain as a result of injury.
    Swedish massage is available at all hours of the day, during or after workday.

    I have a chronic problem. Should I have a doctor's approval for treatment? show hide answer

    Those of you who have chronic problems, especially back pain, should consult a doctor before making sure there is no danger.
    Also, if the doctor has approved, inform the staff of the Neve Tzedek spa before treatment and make sure that your massage therapist is in person before starting the massage.
    Swedish massage can help relieve chronic problems and relieve pain, but those with significant problems should choose deep tissue massage.

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