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Reflexology is a method of alternative medicine therapy. It focuses on treating various problems in the body through various pressure points in the feet.
The therapist diagnoses and treats various problems in the body through the feet, an ancient Torah that came from Ancient Egypt which says that every point in the body has an expression in the foot.
Many patients show significant improvement in various types of problems such as back pain and headaches to sleep and concentration problems.
With an ancient past and a strong foundation, reflexology is a great treatment for each and every one, a great way to show your body love and find a tranquil corner in the middle of a busy day.

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The virtues of massage reflexology

Effective in treating stress affecting the body and sleep
It is recommended for those who are involved in sports and carry various pains
Releases positive energy in the body that helps stimulate blood circulation and release stress

About Reflexology Therapy

The beginning of reflexology began in the ninth century BCE in ancient Egypt. The ancient methods have been preserved by word of mouth throughout the ages and are now considered to be alternative medicine and even kiss conventional Western medicine.

The method of diagnosis is done by palpating the foot and hand, through which it is possible to analyze the whole body and see where energy is blocked, where it is not balanced and where the flow can be facilitated.

The diaphragm, stomach, and pelvis are reflected in the arch of the foot, for example, the neck and head in the toes, and so on.

The therapist acts in a series of compressions, movements and fluctuations in the foot or hand that create heat and help to release energy clogged in different parts of the body.

Many reflexology patients, especially at the Spa Neve Tzedek, are constantly being treated for various problems. This is a very addictive treatment method.

The massage lasts between 50 and 60 minutes, it is fully dressed and usually does not involve oils.

Treatment can be performed at any time of the day, midday or after work day or on a day off.


What is different from reflexology from foot massage? show hide answer

Reflexology not only massages the feet in general, it is a method of diagnosis and treatment of specific problems in the body.
Reflexology massage is aimed at specific treatment of specific problems in the body. Unlike reflexology, reflexology is an alternative treatment method and not just recreational massage.
If you have a problem, we strongly recommend that you experience reflexology to understand more thoroughly why the method is so effective in holistic treatment.

Are there side effects? show hide answer

Side effects are rare in reflexology because it is a very non-invasive treatment.
However, you may feel nausea, dizziness or mild drowsiness during treatment, if you feel uncomfortable during treatment, let your therapist know.
Reflexology therapy often ends with a pleasant and relaxed feeling when you are full of energy and feel good.

Can reflexology help with menstrual cramps? show hide answer

Yes, menstrual pain results from problems of energy blockage and imbalance in the body, reflexology therapy helps release blockages in the circulatory system, stimulates flow and helps in relieving pain.

Can Reflexology Help With Migraines? show hide answer

A very large number of patients come to us precisely with this problem, migraine is one of the most common problems in the 21st century where many work in the office, in front of a computer and spend many hours in a closed place.
Difficult work in sitting and facing screen can cause the development of migraines among many, Reflexology is known as one of the most effective methods of treatment for migraines.

How is reflexology therapy different from foot massage? show hide answer

This massage is done by identifying areas of the feet that are attached to certain organs in the body and then performing compressions and massages at these points.
This is not a matter of indiscriminate massage in the feet but also a specific work aimed at influencing the painful places in the body.

Who is eligible for this treatment? show hide answer

Reflexology therapy is suitable for people suffering from:
Back pains, migraine sufferers, pain in the feet, constipation, breathing difficulties, stress relief, and even just for pampering.

Is reflexology effective in treating depression? show hide answer

Reflexology is not used as a “cure” for depression, but it is believed to help relieve depression.
By pressing at certain points the masseuse releases energetic blockages and thus helps to relieve stress and stress.
In addition, reflexology helps release endorphins that are known to produce good sensations and release from stress.

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