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Couple spa packages in Tel Aviv

A day spa in the center is the perfect way to pamper you and your half, whether for a anniversary, a fun day for a birthday, a happy birth or just to enjoy a romantic and romantic day together.
Couples packages for couples include a variety of treatments tailored to all clients, including massages, facials, skin treatments, reflexology, aromatherapy meal and a host of other treats.
Spa Neve Tzedek offers you a quiet and relaxing place where you can escape from everyday cares and enjoy a pampering day or evening for a couple.

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Choose a couple spa package and let our professionals renew your energy

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Romantic evening

The magic in a romantic couple spa suite

What is more romantic than a double spa in Tel Aviv? Come and pamper yourself and your loved one with a rich experience that brings back to the body freshness and brings hearts closer.
A double spa treatment in the center offers both parties in the relationship to enjoy all of the following:

Celebrate your wedding anniversary, birthday or any joyous occasion in a place that offers a romantic atmosphere in a beautiful and unique design
We provide you with a professional team of men therapists and women therapists who will provide you with the perfect treatment
Release the stress and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere that helps to clean your head and leave the treatments relaxed, relaxed and more joyful

Enjoy a couple day of fun at the spa

Our recommended spa package at Spa Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv includes a wide range of massages and combinations, where you can choose between different types of massages such as:
Swedish massage, Thai massage, aromatic massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage and more.
During the day of a double spa, you will enjoy double massage treatments in double rooms with two massage beds and two staff members so that you can go through the experience and relax together or enjoy a double massage in separate rooms to create a peaceful and uninterrupted feel.
In addition to massage treatments for the couple, beauty and cosmetics treatments can be combined with high quality facial treatments and body peeling performed by hot oil and sea salt.
The combination of different types of treatments enables us to have a combined experience of a double day of fun in Tel Aviv and a renewal of energies.

In addition, you can extend your stay in the spa facilities and take advantage of the showers and other small extras, which will make the spa package particularly pampering:
A rich breakfast that will allow you to open the day with a smile, indulgences of champagne and chocolates, stay in charming and magical rooms and more.


Is it possible to choose the gender of the therapist? show hide answer

Yes, we make sure to tailor the treatment exactly to your needs and preferences.

If you have a preference of therapist’s gender, we will be happy to hear from you during the first contact.

In a couple spa treatment, the gender of the therapists can be matched to each partner.

Can I choose treatment separately or in a shared room? show hide answer

As part of creating the perfect experience of a pampering double spa we will be happy to offer you the option of choosing between treatment together or separately.

In either case you can enjoy a pampering suite for couples, even if you are treated in separate rooms, and you can still enjoy a romantic evening together and indulge in the hospitality level for an exciting couple of times.

Will we get towels, bathrobes and slippers for treatment? show hide answer

Yes, as part of the package we provide you with everything necessary to enjoy the perfect experience.

Bathrobes, towels and slippers are an integral part of the treatment that helps you get rid of all day-to-day troubles, shed a layer of worry and pressure and release all tensions in a truly relaxing treatment.

Along with these you will also get shampoo and body soap so that you can enjoy a pleasant shower at the end of the treatments.

Can you enjoy breakfast or dinner as part of a couple spa package? show hide answer

A double suite for the Spa Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, includes a variety of treats and treatments. Here you will enjoy a spa and breakfast or dinner, depending on the package chosen.

We invite you to enjoy a magical spa and breakfast in Tel Aviv.

Is it possible to purchase couple spa vouchers? show hide answer

We at the Spa Neve Tzedek offer a range of pampering treatments for couples. Enjoy a spa and breakfast operation and a variety of other treats in the heart of Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

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