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Luxury spa packages in Tel Aviv

Looking for an original gift idea, pampering and enjoyable especially for the birth event of the best friend? Perhaps a unique experience for the wedding day? Or a happy surprise for your birthday love? A luxury spa package in the center is exactly the gift you were looking for!
A double suite for a royal spa offers you a way to pamper others or indulge yourself to mark a joyous occasion or simply because you deserve it.

The luxurious double spa includes the best treatments along with all the luxuries that accompany the small details that make a special experience a perfect experience.
Close your eyes for a few hours and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the luxurious package of a high standard spa located in the heart of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

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Choose from a range of luxury spa packages and let our professionals renew your energy:

Moroccan detox

Romantic evening

What includes a luxury spa package

Each luxury package includes all the following:

Relax your muscles and relax with full body massage. Choose from classic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, combined massage and aromatherapy and reflexology treatments.
The treatment options include salt peeling, hot oil massage and soothing peeling mask. Give your skin what it needs with essential oils that give it back its flexibility, moisture and softness.
A healthy mind in a healthy body is our guiding motto, so we offer as part of the luxurious package a rich breakfast in the Barzilai market. Also, during the treatment you can enjoy refreshing tea infusions, a glass of champagne and chocolates.

The charm of a luxurious package is also for couples

Couples can also enjoy a luxurious romantic double spa experience in a romantic and special atmosphere in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.
In the luxury package you will enjoy all the benefits offered by the luxurious package for the couple, including the meal, champagne and all the luxuries.
A luxurious package for couples is an amazing way to celebrate a happy event because it offers you a lot in just a few hours:

  • A romantic place – the furniture, the design, the treatments and the atmosphere in the complex give you a romantic and beautiful place to celebrate your relationshi
  • A calm atmosphere – relax the pressures and the body in a place where the atmosphere is always calm, the effect is felt as soon as you cross the doorstep.
  • Complementary treats – a luxurious experience will not be perfect without all the luxuries we offer on the guest floor, where you can enjoy delicious snacks and refreshing drinks.
  • Professional staff and quality treatment – Quality is achieved through quality materials and a highly professional team. We pride ourselves on these two qualities – our professional staff has been carefully selected and trained to meet the highest standards, as well as all the natural ingredients used during treatment.

שאלות ותשובות

How long does the whole experience last? show hide answer

The luxury treatment experience can last from half a day to almost a full day.
Breakfast takes about an hour on average, followed by a cosmetic treatment of half an hour to an hour and a full massage usually lasting about an hour.
At the end of the treatments, you can spend the rest of the day in our relaxed accommodation and create a unique personal or marital day.

Can I change breakfast at dinner? show hide answer

The luxurious package can be started in the morning with breakfast at the Barzilai Farm or alternatively choose a great dinner and create a romantic indulgence evening experience.

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