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Releasing tension from your body’s edges will do wonders for your energy balance and your physical condition.
The body’s extremes are key points for releasing stress, renewing energy flow and solving many physical and mental problems. Treatment is known as a positive stimulant for providing a sense of calm and tranquility.
With our massage therapists, you will be able to enjoy renewed harmony, invigorating vigor and a wonderful sense of freshness.
You can add to each massage and treatment, massage ends 15 minutes at an additional cost.

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Benefits of extra treatments

Enjoy a massage of the body's extremities - palms and fingers, scalp, neck, face and feet, accompanied by warm oil of your choice
The massage is designed to help relieve stress and restore the body and soul to their natural and calming state
This is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment, it blends in beautifully with any type of treatment and can come along with any pampering package you choose


For whom is recommended extra treatments? show hide answer

Everyone can enjoy the extra treatments, whether you have a problem or just looking for another way to relax and indulge.
End massage is especially recommended for those who suffer from chronic pain in the feet or hands, headaches and migraines and stress.
Massage is also effective in improving sleep problems, concentration problems, stress and anxiety.
This is a great way to restore peace and balance to every aspect of your life.

Is the treatment suitable for pregnant women? show hide answer

Because it is gentle and not deep and the massage ends is perfect for pregnant women, since they are in a very sensitive condition.
The treatment helps you to resume the flow of energy in the body and feel fresh and vigorous. Pregnancy can be a very heavy burden on the body and therefore it is recommended to show him great love and pamper yourself.

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